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  • Current employees can access employee applications and IT support below: One Peraton Okta. Employee applications require authentication through Okta. Access ...

  • Resources for current employees and alumni.

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  • Employees & Alumni · Careers · Supplier Portal · Contact | Peraton

  • Peraton drives missions of consequence spanning the globe and extending to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. As the world’s leading mission capability integrator and transformative enterprise IT provider, we deliver trusted and highly differentiated national security solutions and technologies that keep people safe and secure.

3. SOSi-Peraton Team to Provide IT Services to Army Regional Cyber ...

  • 11 jun 2024 · The company will work with prime contractor Peraton to provide the center with network engineering, cyber defense and information assurance ...

  • SOSi will support the U.S. Army's Regional Cyber Center-Europe, known as RCC-E, under a new contract.The company will work with prime contractor Peraton to provide the center with network engineering, cyber defense and information assurance services, SOSi announced from its Reston, Virginia head

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  • Peraton Labs | As an applied research organization, we deliver the future--across cybersecurity, electronic warfare, mobility, analytics and networking--to ...

  • Peraton Labs | As an applied research organization, we deliver the future—across cybersecurity, electronic warfare, mobility, analytics and networking—to government and commercial customers worldwide.

6. Peraton Books $2.8B SOCOM SITEC 3 Enterprise Operations ...

  • 6 nov 2023 · The SITEC 3 EOM task order covers IT services including NetOps maintenance, user and common device support, systems and network infrastructure, ...

  • Peraton has won a potential eight-year, $2.8 billion task order to provide enterprise operations and maintenance services for U.S. Special Operations Command, G2Xchange reported Friday. USSOCOM received three offers for the third iteration of the Special Operations Forces Information Technology Enterprise Contract EOM task order through a full and open competition under the General Services

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  • Phone: 703 668-3422. Website: Http:// Email: Country: USA. Address: 12975 Worldgate Drive Suite 700 Herndon VA 20170.

  • Company Information

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  • Welcome to the Careers Center for Peraton. Please browse all of our available job and career opportunities. Apply to any positions you believe you are a fit ...

  • At Peraton, each employee is empowered to do their best and make a real world impact on some of the world's most exciting breakthroughs. We're building something great, and equipping our employees with the tools they need to have a hand on how the future is shaped. Let's Do The Can't Be Done, together.

9. Peraton Could Surpass $8B in Sales in 2024, but Will It Go Public? - TBR

  • 12 jan 2024 · How Peraton Septupled in Size. Private equity firm Veritas Capital officially bought Harris Corporation's government IT services business for ...

  • Peraton the necessary portfolio depth and scale to regularly vie with industry leaders for enterprise IT contracts in the $500 million to $2 billion range in the federal civilian and health spaces while also capitalizing on Department of Defense Intelligence Community needs.

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  • This system is the property of Peraton Inc and its subsidiaries and affiliates, and is intended for the use of authorized users only.

11. Peraton Corp - Company Profile and News - Bloomberg Markets

  • Peraton Corp. provides satellite and terrestrial communication, network optimization, and managed security services. The Company offers digital forensics, ...

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12. About - Peraton Labs

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  • ​As Peraton's applied research organization, we deliver the future—across cybersecurity, electronic warfare, mobility, analytics and networking—to government and commercial customers...

13. Iron Bow To Assist Peraton In Implementing $2.8B SOCOM SITEC ...

  • 28 mrt 2024 · Login Here. To enjoy unlimited access to articles, interviews, and invaluable govcon content. You'll also receive our daily briefing straight ...

  • Herndon, Virginia-based Iron Bow Technologies has partnered with Peraton to provide advanced information technology and network services to U.S. Special Operations Command. The services will be performed under Peraton’s previously awarded eight-year, $2.8 billion Special Operations Forces IT Enterprise Contract 3 Enterprise Operations & Maintenance task order. Specifically, Iron Bow will help Peraton complete IT modernization initiatives, […]

14. Peraton - OrangeSlices AI

  • Peraton · Company Overview · Share your positive experiences · AWARDS AND HONORS · CONTRACT VEHICLES – PRIME · Login.

  • As the world’s leading mission capability integrator and transformative enterprise IT provider, we deliver trusted and highly differentiated national security solutions and technologies that keep people safe and secure. Peraton serves as a valued partner to essential government agencies across the intelligence, space, cyber, defense, citizen security, health, and state and local markets.

15. Top Company Profile: Peraton Solutions Inc, Chantilly VA | NAICS ...

  • Peraton Solutions Inc, Tradestyle: Top Contact: Restricted, Title: Restricted. Street Address: 14295 Park Meadow Dr, Chantilly VA 20151. Phone ... Back to login ...

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Peraton Sso (2024)


Is Peraton a real company? ›

Peraton Inc. is a privately held American national security and technology company formed in 2017. It is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.

Is Peraton a government contractor? ›

Peraton was listed in GovCon Wire's Top 10 IT Contractors in 2022. The government contracting industry is one of the most sought-after sectors in the United States.

What is Peraton known for? ›

Spun out of the former Harris Corporation, Peraton took a disaggregated set of businesses and created the foundation for our future. We executed a strategy that focused on high consequence missions in emergent warfighter domains like space, intelligence, cyber, defense, homeland security, and communications.

Is Peraton going public? ›

TBR anticipates that Peraton will finally go public in early 2025.

Is Peraton part of Northrop Grumman? ›

June 18, 2021

As CEO of the government technology firm, Peraton, Shea has overseen two business acquisitions in less than six months. In February, Peraton absorbed Northrop Grumman's IT services business, and last month, private equity firm Veritas Capital acquired Perspecta and combined the company with Peraton.

Does Peraton do background investigations? ›

Responsibilities. Peraton's Risk Decision Group is the leading provider of federal background investigation services, supporting numerous government agencies for 20+ years.

How long does a Peraton background check take? ›

Background Investigator Interview

The interview process was not bad - the background investigation takes 4+ months though. Make sure that you financially are ready for a lengthy process. Make sure that you are honest about everything and a full background check is done.

Does Peraton drug test? ›

Does Peraton have a drug test policy? Not required at the time of employment but will be required due to accident or injury.

What benefits does Peraton offer? ›

Carrum Health, Peraton's cancer care and surgical support benefit, provides access to the nation's top cancer and surgical providers. See how it has helped Peraton employees and their families. Progyny, Peraton's family building benefit program, provides fertility coverage for every unique path to parenthood.

What is the former name of Peraton? ›

Peraton is the New Name of Former Harris Corporation Government Services Business | Peraton.

Who is the CEO of Peraton? ›

Stu Shea is a proven business leader, strategist, and intelligence professional providing critical mission support to the national security community. He currently services as President, Chairman, and CEO of Peraton, a $7B next generation national security company.

Is Peraton a big company? ›

Both of Peraton's big integrations involving Perspecta and Northrop Grumman's IT services arm are behind the team that now stands at around 18,000 employees in a roughly $7 billion-annual revenue company.

How much is Peraton worth? ›

“We have built a $7 billion company that is strong on defense, but we also recognize that recent events have underscored the fact that the national security, health security, financial security, and commerce security of our citizens are inextricably linked.

What do Peraton Labs do? ›

As an externally funded applied research organization, Peraton Labs' team of more than 380 researchers, engineers, and analysts conducts pioneering research to shape the future of electronic warfare, mobile communications, critical infrastructure defense, cybersecurity, wireless systems, quantum, and machine learning.

How do you know if an online job is legit? ›

Do your due diligence by looking the company up on LinkedIn or looking through the list of employees on the website. Don't hesitate to contact the company to verify whether or not you've been contacted by a real employee. Most of all, never give out personal information through texts or private messages.

Is Peraton a defense company? ›

CHANTILLY, VA — July 14, 2021 – Peraton, the world's leading mission capability integrator and transformative enterprise IT provider, has been ranked as one of the world's largest defense companies in the 2021 Defense News Top 100.

How can you tell if a job offer email is real? ›

There are many ways to identify a job scam email:
  1. The email is unsolicited - you did not contact the company about the job. ...
  2. The email is from a Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook address. ...
  3. The email does not address you by name. ...
  4. They ask to continue the conversation with an alternative email, not your UH email.

How much do Peraton background investigators make? ›

Average Peraton Background Investigator yearly pay in California is approximately $47,291, which is 18% below the national average.


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