List of hidden Google Chrome URLs and the purpose of these settings (2024)

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Chrome is one of the most versatile browser out there in the ever-growing market of web browsers. Sporting an easy-to-use interface, it has the attention of several users who runs Windows OS on their PCs and tablets. Very few of us know that Chrome has some hidden features and experimental tools that can be used to unlock the masked experimental capabilities of Chrome. In this post, we’ll be having a look at the hidden Google Chrome URLs that you can access and tweak as per your requirement.

We’ve already covered a bit on the most useful Chrome Flags settings that can be accessed using chrome://flags page.Take a look at some of the important Google Chrome URLs that point to its internal pages.

Hidden Chrome URLs or Internal Pages

You can access the list of hidden Chrome URLs by typing chrome://about orchrome://chrome-urls/ in the address bar and hitting Enter. This will open up a page consisting of all the hidden Chrome URLs available for your device.

While taking a look at the hidden Chrome capabilities, it’s important to note that not all features can be useful for non-developers. We’ll list down some hidden Chrome URLs that can be specifically useful for general Windows users.

List of hidden Google Chrome URLs and the purpose of these settings (1)


This URL can be used to open up all the Chrome apps that you’ve downloaded on your browser. It can be quite useful to navigate directly to apps page rather than huddling your way around from the default homepage. Also, you can access the Chrome Web Store download and install additional apps, extensions, themes etc.


If you quickly want to access and manage all your saved bookmarks, this URL will help you get to a synchronized bookmark manager pagewhere all your bookmarks are displayed in an orderly fashion. You can even import orexport these bookmarks as an HTML file to port it from or to other browsers.


You can view all stored in Cache memory of Chrome browser and the items, websites, images, and scripts stored using this URL.


This particular page shows a list of recent crashes that your Chrome browser has experienced over time. It is only available if you have enabled crash reporting. You can take a look at this link to know more about it.


This URL can be used to access the devices that are registered on your network. You can add and configure a printer device that is connected to your PC to Google Cloud Print service. This can pretty useful to add and manage the devices connected to your network using Chrome browser.


This will open up the browser’s native Download Manager page where you can see all your past downloads. Pretty fast way to navigate to your downloads than finding your way around the hamburger menu!


It works the same way the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+H” works. It takes you to a recent browsing history page where you can clear it up or look for a webpage that you have visited in the past.


Well, who’d know that you can open a new tab by hittingthis URL! Just enter it in the address bar and hit enter and you should be landing on New Tab page altogether. I won’t say it can be handy but you have a new way to do something.


You can access the plugins installed on your browser using this URL. You can also configure themand allow them to run always or disable them.


This one is really interesting. It displays a list of autocomplete action predictors and resource prefetch predictors based on your recent search and browsing history.


This URL opens up the print dialog box where you can save a webpage as a PDF file or you can send your file to any printer connected to your current network. It works the same way the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+P” does.


You can take a look at Google Chrome Terms of Service by hitting this URL. According to Google, “These Terms of Service apply to the executable code version of Google Chrome. Source code for Google Chrome is available free of charge under open source software license agreements at chrome://credits.”


This URL display the top sites that you’ve frequently visited with a thumbnail picture of what the web page would look like.


Use this URL when you want to take a look at the current version of your Chrome browser with additional information regarding JavaScript and Flash version and other relevant details.

Well, that’d be all regarding the hidden Chrome URLs that can be a bit useful for normal Windows users.

Now read about the Hidden browser configuration pages.

List of hidden Google Chrome URLs and the purpose of these settings (2)


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List of hidden Google Chrome URLs and the purpose of these settings (2024)


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