Kingkiller Chronicle (2024)

Kingkiller Chronicle (1)

Patrick Rothfuss and Dan dos Santos

This New York Times-bestselling, Locus Award-winning fantasy series tells the story of Kvothe, a young man who grows to be one of the most notorious magicians his world has ever seen.

Kingkiller Chronicle (2)

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Kingkiller Chronicle Series : Titles in Order

The Wise Man’s Fear

Book 2
  • Available formats:
  • Ebook (1)
  • Hardcover (1)
  • Paperback (2)

Discover book two of Patrick Rothfuss’ #1 New York Times-bestselling epic fantasy series, The Kingkiller Chronicle.

“I just love the world of Patrick Rothfuss.” —Lin-Manuel Miranda


“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.”

My name is Kvothe. You may have heard of me.

So begins a tale told from his own point of view—a story unequaled in fantasy literature. Now in The Wise Man’s Fear, Day Two of The Kingkiller Chronicle, an escalating rivalry with a powerful member of the nobility forces Kvothe to leave the University and seek his fortune abroad. Adrift, penniless, and alone, he travels to Vintas, where he quickly becomes entangled in the politics of courtly society. While attempting to curry favor with a powerful noble, Kvothe uncovers an assassination attempt, comes into conflict with a rival arcanist, and leads a group of mercenaries into the wild, in an attempt to solve the mystery of who (or what) is waylaying travelers on the King’s Road.

All the while, Kvothe searches for answers, attempting to uncover the truth about the mysterious Amyr, the Chandrian, and the death of his parents.In The Wise Man’s Fear, Kvothe takes his first steps on the path of the hero and learns how difficult life can be when a man becomes a legend in his own time.

The Name of the Wind: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Book 1
  • Available formats:
  • Ebook (1)
  • Hardcover (2)
  • Paperback (2)

“No one writes about stories like Pat Rothfuss. How the right story at the right time can change the world, how the teller can shape a life.” —Lin-Manuel Miranda

This deluxe, illustrated edition celebrates the New York Times-bestselling series, The Kingkiller Chronicle—a masterful epic fantasy saga that has inspired readers worldwide.

This anniversary hardcover includes more than 50 pages of extra content!
• Beautiful, iconiccover by artist Sam Weberand designer Paul Buckley
•Gorgeous, never-before-seen illustrations by artist Dan Dos Santos
• Detailed and updated world map by artist Nate Taylor
• Brand-new author’s note
• Appendix detailing calendar system and currencies
• Pronunciation guide of names and places


My name is Kvothe.

I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life. I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in. I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during day. I have talked to Gods, loved women, and written songs that make the minstrels weep.

You may have heard of me.

So begins a tale unequaled in fantasy literature—the story of a hero told in his own voice. It is a tale of sorrow, a tale of survival, a tale of one man’s search for meaning in his universe, and how that search, and the indomitable will that drove it, gave birth to a legend.

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Kingkiller Chronicle (2024)


How many books will there be in The Kingkiller Chronicle? ›

The Kingkiller Chronicle is intended to be a trilogy.

What to read while waiting for doors of stone? ›

What to Read While Waiting for Doors of Stone
  • The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. The Wheel of Time series is grand, epic and perfect for readers who want to dive deep into a fantasy world. ...
  • The Magician's Guild by Trudi Canavan. ...
  • Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson. ...
  • A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.
Dec 24, 2020

How many words is the Kingkiller Chronicles? ›

Rothfuss previously said The Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 would be shorter than The Wise Man's Fear, which clocked in at nearly 400,000 words. With a word count of around 250,000 for the trilogy's first book, that would suggest a 350,000 word conclusion in Book 3.

Is Kingkiller series good? ›

With its richly imagined world, complex characters, and intricate storytelling, it has become one of the most beloved fantasy series of all time. If you're looking for a new fantasy series to dive into, The Kingkiller Chronicle is a great choice.

Why hasn't Patrick Rothfuss finish? ›

Summary. The release of "The Doors of Stone," the final book in Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy, has been delayed for over a decade, leaving fans in anticipation. Rothfuss faced personal tragedy and struggled with meeting deadlines, causing further delays in the completion of the series.

Is there a book 3 in the Kingkiller Chronicles? ›

Doors of Stone (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #3) by Patrick Rothfuss.

Is Kingkiller a tragedy? ›

This may sound harsh (and I mean no personal offense to Rothfuss), but what we have in the Kingkiller Chronicle is a tragedy being authored by a writer who openly struggles with depression. That doesn't sound promising. Note: Depression is real, valid, and understandable.

How old is Kvothe in The Kingkiller Chronicle? ›

Kvothe is barely 15 when he starts at the university. He's 17 at the end of the 2nd novel. However, this is complicated by the time he spent in the fae realm where time moves differently.

How long did it take Patrick Rothfuss to write name of the wind? ›

Patrick Rothfuss on Why It Took 15 Years to Write The Name of the Wind.

Who is the villain in Kingkiller? ›

Type of Villain

Cinder is a major antagonist from The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. He is a member of the mysterious, malicious group known as the Chandrian. In the novels, he is the most seen out of all the Chandrian, and is notable for killing Kvothe's parents.

Is it worth it to read Shadow of the Wind? ›

In equal measure, it's also filled with revenge, loss, and tragedy. The Shadow of the Wind is an amazing piece of literature that begins and concluded its story in a richly satisfying way.

Is Doors of Stone ever coming? ›

Book 3 in The Kingkiller Chronicle series, titled The Doors of Stone, is coming, it is just a matter of when. Written by American author Patrick Rothfuss, the Kingkiller novels take readers on an adventure in an original fantasy world, following an adventurer and musician named Kvothe.

How many books are in The Name of the Wind series? ›

The Name of the Wind, also referred to as The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One, is a heroic fantasy novel written by American author Patrick Rothfuss. It is the first book in the ongoing fantasy trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle, followed by The Wise Man's Fear.

Is The Wise Man's Fear a sequel? ›


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