Healthstream Mobile Infirmary (2024)

1. Sign In Instructions - Welcome to HealthStream

  • To log in as a student: USER ID is the ID# on your Infirmary Health badge. Examples: e123456, DR12345, or O123456. Password must:.

  • User ID

2. [PDF] to HealthStream's CE Unlimited from - Infirmary Health

  • Login to HealthStream. 2. Click on the Catalog tab. 3. Select CE Unlimited. 4. Search by Category or type in a topic in the search bar. 5. Select a course and ...

3. Select Your Institution - HealthStream

4. Employees Overview - Infirmary Health, Across Southern Alabama

  • Infirmary Health · 5 Mobile Infirmary Circle Mobile, AL 36607 · (251) 435-2400 · About Us · Patients & Visitors · Careers · Services · Residencies · Foundations ...

  • Infirmary Health is the largest private, not-for-profit health system in Alabama. Learn more about Employees Overview - Infirmary Health, Across Southern Alabama.

5. Partners Healthstream - Mass General Brigham

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  • This application encountered a problem. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. We have created an error report which will help us to identify and resolve this issue. We will treat this report as confidential and anonymous. No personal data will be transmitted other than what you provide to us.   

6. 2024 Class site health stream.php Avenue Facilities -

  • 13 uur geleden · ... healthstream learning modern collaborative learning environment needs ... infirmary health's flagship hospital mobile infirmary founded licensed.

7. HealthStream - University of Mississippi Medical Center

  • HealthStream is an internet-based learning management system. At UMMC, we use it for educational record-keeping, class registration, live classroom training ...

  • HealthStream is an internet-based learning management system. At UMMC, we use it for educational record-keeping, class registration, live classroom training, web-based training and reporting. HealthStream is also used for all employees to complete annual compliance training.

8. HealthStream - Facebook

  • Your partner in healthcare workforce solutions. At HealthStream, we're committed exclusively to transforming healthcare. Our industry-leading

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

9. Healthstream | Holy Cross Health

  • Employees can access Holy Cross Health's learning system, HealthStream, to complete online courses or to register for classroom courses. Your user ID and.

  • Employees can access Holy Cross Health's learning system, HealthStream, to complete online courses or to register for classroom courses. Your user ID and password are your employee identification number which is six digits and normally begins with a "7."

10. Healthstream - Legacy

  • Please enter your UserID below. Please enter your UserID below. Username: *. Password: *. Healthstream - Legacy Restart Login.

  • Healthstream - Legacy Restart Login

Healthstream Mobile Infirmary (2024)


Can you do healthstreams at home? ›

HealthStream is mainly used by healthcare organizations, medical device companies, and pharmaceutical companies. How do I access HealthStream from home? To access HealthStream from a home network, users can go to the URL provided by the administrator and log in to the HealthStream portal.

What is HealthStream learning? ›

What is HealthStream Learning Center LMS? HealthStream Learning Center is a web-based learning management platform designed to help healthcare organizations create, organize, and manage regulatory compliance training for the workforce.

How do I email HealthStream? ›

HealthStream offers Customer Service Support 800-521-0574 or from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CST (holidays excluded).

How do I Login to HealthStream? ›

Open Internet Explorer and type the web address (also called a URL) provided by your administrator (for example: You may have an HLC icon on your PC desktop or your institution's intranet. If so, double-click the HLC icon. The Login page appears.

How many employees does HealthStream have? ›

Compare HSTM With Other Stocks
HealthStream Annual Employee Count
11 more rows

Does HealthStream have an app? ›

HealthStream has been dedicated to healthcare for 30+ years. Our unequaled focus on innovation and user experience is why nurses and staff love our apps and why hospitals trust us to help them fill open shifts more cost-effectively and efficiently.

Does HealthStream track time? ›

Upon course completion, the system will total the estimated completion times entered for each learning activity that was completed within the course and will display an estimated time for the completed course on the student transcript.

How do I retire a course in HealthStream? ›

  1. Search for the course that you want to retire. See Searching for a Course for details on conducting a course search. The Course Builder page appears.
  2. Click Publish (even if the course was previously published and is live). The Publish page appears.
  3. In the Course Development Status list, select Retired.

How do I assign learning in HealthStream? ›

Adding an Individual Assignment
  1. On the People tab, click Manage Students. The Manage Students page appears.
  2. Perform a student search. See Searching for a Student for details on conducting a student search. ...
  3. Click Assignments from the left-hand navigation tree. ...
  4. Click Add Individual Assignment.

How do I add a test to HealthStream? ›

Adding a Test
  1. Search for the course to which you want to add a test. See Searching for a Course for details on conducting a course search. ...
  2. Click Add a Test. The Common Properties page appears.
  3. Enter the common properties. (See Adding a Learning Activity.)
  4. Click Save. The test editing page appears.

How to unlock HealthStream? ›

The account will lock after five(5) failed log in attempts. The locked account will automatically unlock after 5 minutes. Every 90 days you will be prompted to change your HealthStream password.

What are the password requirements for HealthStream? ›

Passwords should:
  • Be at least 8 characters in length.
  • Include a combination of upper and lower case letters.
  • Contain at least 1 number.
  • Contain at least one symbol such as ! @$%&

What is my HealthStream ID? ›

Your hStream ID is the account you use to access applications within the HealthStream ecosystem, like the new Resuscitation Skills mobile app. It includes the email address, phone number, and password you use to sign in and stores your security and contact details.

How do I create a class in HealthStream? ›

On the Education tab, click Add a Class. The Browse for a Course page appears. Search for the course to which you want to add classes. You can search by typing in the course name, whole word or partial word + wildcard or keyword, or by searching alphabetically or by category.

How do I add a student to HealthStream? ›

Students can be added to your HLC automatically via your regularly-scheduled data import or manually by an administrator. If you have questions about data import, contact your HLC support service. On the People tab, click Add a Student. The Add a Student page appears.

What is the mission of HealthStream? ›

Safe, Quality Care

HealthStream is committed to helping organizations prioritize a culture of quality and safety through proven solutions that focus on changing healthcare staff behavior.

Is HealthStream accredited? ›

Healthstream is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), to provide continuing education for the healthcare team.

How do I create a course in HealthStream? ›

Adding a Course
  1. On the Courses tab, click Add a Course. The Add a Course page appears.
  2. In the Course Title box, enter the title of the course.

What is HMH learning platform? ›

HMH Ed™ is an online teaching and learning system that combines technology, content, and instruction to personalize the teaching and learning experience with HMH programs.


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