Big Bundy First 48 (2024)

1. [PDF] State of Tennessee v. Darrell Anderson

  • Defendant-Appellant, Darrell Anderson, was convicted by a Shelby County jury of first degree premeditated murder and sentenced to life.

2. The FIRST 48 Fan Favorites: Top 10 Episodes - Facebook

  • I forget the title of the episode, but the guy's name was "Big Bundy". He's a big Kentucky Fried Chicken eating fool. Jennifer Palazzolo Brunson. I'm from ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

3. Man admits killing woman: 'This was revenge' - Action News 5

4. Murder Is the Case They Gave Them - Memphis Flyer

  • Homicide numbers in Memphis are 36 percent higher than last year.

5. Memphis PD leaving The First 48 Unappreciation :( | NikeTalk

  • 13 mei 2008 · New posts New profile posts New ... first 48 + intervention are the only good shows on A&E. ... @ Big Bundy sitting on the porch shirtless. May 13, ...

  • Memphis PD is my favorite on the show, and now they wont be anymore new episodes featuring them. Im gonna miss Lt. Armstrong and my girl Caroline Mason Memphis police cut ties with TV's 'First...

6. Capturing The Infamous Serial Killer Ted Bundy | Ken Katsaris and Kathy ...

  • 13 mrt 2024 · ... big team of people who came up with leads, a ... took him down and I think Ted Bundy got the first beating of his life that night. So much credit

  • In this episode of Zone 7, Crime Scene Investigator, Sheryl McCollum sits down for a part II series with Kathy Kleiner, a survivor of Ted Bundy's infamous 1978 attack on the Chi Omega sorority house, and Ken Katsaris, the former Leon County Sheriff whose determination led to Bundy's capture. Ken and Kathy share their experiences, insights, and the emotional aftermath of that night, we're given a unique perspective on the case that rocked Tallahassee and the world. 

    If you missed part I of this series listen here - 

    Ken Katsaris is the Leon County Sheriff, instrumental in the investigation and capture of Ted Bundy.

    Kathy Kleiner is a remarkable survivor who endured one of the most notorious crimes in American history - the brutal 1978 attacks by serial killer Ted Bundy at the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University.

    Show Notes:

    • [0:00] Welcome back to Zone 7 with Crime Scene Investigator, Sheryl McCollum.  
    • [0:30] Sheryl introduces Kathy Kleiner and Sherrif Ken Katsaris to the listeners 
    • [1:00] If you missed part one with Kathy Kleiner listen here: Survi...

    7. Ted Bundy execution anniversary revisits dark piece of Western Slope ...

    • 25 jan 2019 · ... first place. In 1977, the eventual convicted ... Bundy escaped from Pitkin County law enforcement authorities at 10:48 ... Do everything possible to ...

    • GLENWOOD SPRINGS — Thirty years ago Jan. 24, one of the most notorious criminals to ever make his way through western Colorado was put to death by the state of Florida. Ted Bundy will forever...

    8. Surviving Ted Bundy: Women attacked by notorious serial killer ...

    • 5 jun 2021 · "48 Hours" Live to Tell: Surviving Ted Bundy ... it was just a big blur, a big ... As Florida authorities investigated Bundy, they first questioned ...

    • Ted Bundy targeted Florida college students in one of his final attacks – three of the women survived and share their terrifying ordeal and long road to recovery

Big Bundy First 48 (2024)


Why did the first 48 stop filming in Memphis? ›

Filming was brought to a halt, however, when some Memphis City Council members and former Mayor Willie Herenton deemed the show to be detrimental to the city's image. The show subsequently ceased filming in the Bluff City.

What season of First 48 is Memphis? ›


In Memphis, Sergeant Caroline Mason and her team respond to a convenience store shooting, where surveillance cameras captured the last few moments of a man's life. Investigators must sift through the footage for clues that will point them to the killer.

What city has the most first 48 episodes? ›

It was fantastic for The First 48 to break its record with a Leatherman episode, as fans know that Leatherman retired from Tulsa Homicide in 2022 and so he's going to disappear from the show eventually. But he also represents what Tulsa Homicide stands for and what The First 48 has become because of it.

Why did The First 48 stop filming in New Orleans? ›

A judge rejected the motion but conceded that the show did complicate the case. In 2016, the city of New Orleans announced that it would be ending its contract with A&E, ending any future productions of The First 48 or Nightwatch, another A&E show set in New Orleans.

Why did The First 48 stop filming in Birmingham? ›

Former Police Chief Annetta Nunn first announced plans to team up with the show in February 2007, but the day crews were set to start filming in Birmingham, then-Mayor Bernard Kincaid pulled the plug, saying cameras could jeopardize ongoing investigations.

Where is The First 48 filming now? ›

As of the current Season 22, The First 48 only has three filming locations. Other than Tulsa, it's also filming in Mobile, Alabama with the Mobile Police Department homicide unit, and in Gwinnett County, Georgia with the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office.

Who is the Memphis lady on The First 48? ›

Caroline Mason(I)

Why did the Memphis race riot start? ›

The riot started after an alarm went out that African American soldiers from Fort Pickering, on the south boundary of downtown Memphis, had killed several policemen who tried to arrest a black soldier.


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